More and more people are becoming increasingly interested in animal welfare and sustainability – but don’t want to do without enjoyment. This means that oat-based milk alternatives are right on trend. The oat-based milk alternatives from V-Comp Pro contribute to high-quality food production and a nutritionally conscious, tasty range in the retail sector.

Our quality promise

You can rely on it!

The basic idea behind V-Comp Pro is: exceptional products are backed by exceptional quality standards.

This understanding guides all our activities – from the selection of high-quality natural raw materials and the production process to comprehensive advice and reliable logistics.

Raw materials and taste

Naturalness makes the difference

The naturalness of the raw materials we use is decisive for the taste of our oat compounds, whether it’s the fullness, the smooth or creamy texture or the unique flavor.

That’s why we do everything we can to ensure that only the best ingredients go into our Tasty Compounds and that their properties are optimally preserved.

Our entire production processes are geared towards emphasizing the characteristics of the flavourful raw materials in such a way that they appeal to all senses and provide the consumer with an enjoyable experience.

Quality management

Highest standards

To ensure your success, we offer not only optimum service but also the best product quality. In addition to state-of-the-art production technologies for the careful processing of raw materials, we naturally also rely on a comprehensive system of quality checks that are firmly established in each individual work process.

With V-Comp Pro, quality is not only expressed through unique taste, but is also continuously tested and documented by recognized institutes. Added security for you and your consumers.

Allergen management

Security for you and your consumers

During production and labelling of all our products, we take the utmost care and attention.

For this reason, we have set up an independent allergen management system that regulates the correct handling of allergenic raw materials, intermediate and end products in detail, from procurement to delivery.

Our employees

Quality ambassadors

When it comes to integrating new products into production processes or developing manufacturing and processing methods, you can count on us. Dedicated, highly qualified food technologists and, if required, a team of experienced process engineers are on hand to answer any technical questions you may have.


organic oats out of conviction

focus on natural ingredients

V-Comp Pro relies on the careful selection of ingredients and innovative production technology in the manufacture of oat-based compounds. Short ingredient lists and complete transparency give consumers a clear idea of what they are consuming:

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In addition, the oat-based compounds from V-Comp Pro require little or no added sugar, without having to sacrifice the full-bodied taste.

Use of European oats

We at V-Comp Pro are absolutely convinced of oats as a raw material base for plant-based milk alternatives.

In addition to sophisticated production techniques and perfectly coordinated recipes, oats are not only natural and tasty, but also have convincing sensory properties, are suitable for clean label concepts and more.

We only use oats from European cultivation for our organic compounds.



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of Germans associate oats with good taste

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of Europeans consider oat products to be a good source of fiber